Few of the children’s school may call homework their hobby. Homework is often a stumbling block for … moms and dads. Children are also quite comfortable with the unlearned lessons. While children are in elementary school, they are learning to learn. The task of the parents –be homework helper.

You have to remind them the lessons for the young students tend to forget all about this “service”. Maintain (because it is difficult), to persuade (because they do not want), praise (this condition is of paramount importance at all), to sit with them (or at some distance) and help … In general, do everything possible to make a child LOVE homework. For example, issuing a symbolic encouragement or make table with the “stars” for each day of the week to give the prize ceremony at the end of it. Sometimes your child may ask : “Help me with my homework”.

Over time, the task becomes more complicated: gradual and children, and parents should realize that the homework – the responsibility of the student, not his father and mother, even if your child ask do my homework for me. In order for the child developed a “reflex” homework, help him in the early stages, following some simple recommendations.

1. Help your child to organize time for study. Parents can offer him up with the daily routine. It is important to consider it not only time to practice, but also for recreation – hiking and games. Some children are more comfortable to sit for the lessons immediately after returning from school when they have not yet emerged from the school rhythm. Others, however, must first have a rest. The ideal time to prepare lessons from three o’clock to five o’clock in the evening. Or you may use online homework help .

2. Help your child set priorities. Some children find it difficult to decide in which order is better to do homework and what subjects should be given more attention. Advise your child to start with the most difficult exercises. Good to hang in a prominent place timetable, so that student can better navigate the timing of assignments. You may use homework help tutor.
3. Know the limits. Many parents believe that the longer it sits on the student textbook, the better. This is not the case: the time spent on homework should correspond to the age and physical abilities of the child.

4. Give the child an opportunity to do their homework. Do not stand over the soul, do not decide for him. And, both can generate in the child feeling that he does not trust, self-doubt, inability to exercise autonomy. But if he say : i need help with my homework, you can help him.

5. Check the homework. Parents of primary school students is particularly important to to find time each day to check homework.

Be prepared for the fact that the child will be required from time to time live homework help. If he did not understand something in class, it is important to fill this gap in the day – to catch up next week to find a bad score in the diary, it will be much harder.

6. Do not forget to praise your child for correctly completed tasks. Simple words “Well done, you good up to the task!” Strengthen the student’s confidence in their abilities and become a stimulus for further advances. Later they can use online homework.

7. Motivate the child. Try to explain in simple terms the importance of his homework and doing well in school. Explain that the homework – is his job, your employer is in the same way as a school teacher requires you to fulfillment of certain obligations. Not bad, if your child tends to look like a credible person – for example, become a good specialist, or a successful man like dad. Show your child a good example. Let him from time to time sees his parents for mental work – for example, at work or reading books. Your child may ask: do my homework.
8. Respect the child’s school activities. Even if you urgently needed help around the house, try not to distract the child while he is busy giving lessons. Be quiet – Do not use music or TV, when a child tries to concentrate on homework.

9. If the child does not want to do homework, try to find out why. May be he need homework help. The schoolboy may be happy to perform tasks in one subject and thus reluctant to take on another. Maybe he does not like the teacher of geography, because it is too hard or boring to the students teach their subject. Try to awaken the interest of the child to the unloved business – buy him a globe, show films in a series of National Geographic, tell about the different countries. Become a homework helper for your child.

10. Help your child arrange the workplace. The reason for the reluctance to sit at the student’s lessons may lie in an awkward location of the desk or the mess in the work area. Help your child to arrange a place to practice so that it was convenient to remove all unnecessary, textbooks and notebooks spread out, to check whether all the necessary office supplies.

Create in the student’s room positive atmosphere. Decorate a study area with beautiful paintings and carvings of the child, being mentioned and other evidence of its success. Or use online homework help.

These rules are relevant at all stages of growing up your student. But particularly with the younger students can use other tricks. For example, play in the school where the teacher will be your child and you are a student. He has to “teach” you write: you do have long left school and something has “forgotten”. It is useful to model numbers and letters out of plasticine and identify them by touch, to write with his finger on a tray with cereal.

If having difficulty reading, you need to attach to the various parts of the house leaves with letters and syllables, written by different characters, turned sideways and “upside down”. This will help your child learn to identify letters in any position and will develop automaticity in reading.

With high school students more difficulties. Here, dear parents, you must strictly adhere to the principle: study – the case of the child, and only he can decide: do my homework or not. At the same time, parents have the right to demand his child positive marks. If a child receives a bad mark not because it is difficult given the subject, but because of lack of preparation for the lesson, you can not afford to deprive it of any importance to him good. For example, you can not give pocket money any time, to prohibit computer games or watching TV. Then the child consciously make a choice between a pleasant idleness and not so pleasant, but encouraged by labor. Or choose online homework.

Sorry for the term, but the “product” of the parents in the long run is not done (home or any other) tasks, but a man who knows how to fulfill them. Independent person – your child. And teachers have to explain that you are the son or daughter, working on the task of taking responsibility, so let the student gets what he deserves: a punishment or reward … Or visit homework help websites.

If you are from the very first class with your child develop responsibility for the cases, the problems and the high school will not appear. Just trust your child. Allow him to take responsibility for something in your life. If you have an difficulties, use online homework helper.

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